Food, Glorious Food!

This week Laura’s class of adult students have been discussing food and writing about the kinds of food they eat every day. Here is some of their work…

Daniela from Romania 

'I start my day with a shake that I prepare with fruit or vegetable. Then I have a coffee, which I sip till lunch time... As I enjoy good health, I am full of energy to deal with my busy days.'

Well, we hope your days in London are busy with you and your children enjoying yourselves!

Daniella from Italy 

'I eat fruit, cereals, yoghurt and I drink tea. For lunch  I have a sandwich or pasta with vegetables. In the evening I eat a lot of vegetables.' 

Very healthy Daniella!

Anna from Italy 

'My breakfast is healthy but the other meals are not. If I work in my office I have brunch with some junk food. If I work outside I eat in a restaurant and then it is typical food.' 

Time to make a change, Anna!

Oduardo from Italy 

'I love food and try new flavour. I usually have a Mediterranean diet: pasta, pasta and pasta!!! Fortunately I am not a big fan of cakes and sweets.'  

Well done, Oduardo!

How about you? Is your diet healthy? Or are you a junk food addict?? Either way, remember to drink lots of water as this helps your brain to learn new words!!

Hungry? Can't decide where to eat tonight? 

Well look no further... an adult student from Faaria's class has sent us an excellent restaurant review.

Image result for best mangal restaurant kensington

Best Mangal Turkish Restaurant - West Kensington
by Stefania

If you are in London, you are looking for a good restaurant, and you would like to eat something more original than your usual food, you can try a Turkish restaurant: Best Mangal in West Kensington, at 104 North End Road. Best Mangal offers typical foods of the traditional cuisine of Turkey and of the Middle East.

Furthermore, you can take away your courses if you don't want to spend your time in the restaurant. There is a good selection of foods, from hummus, dolma, and tabbouleh as cold starters, to falafel, prawns, and calamari as hot starters. The main courses offered are kebab, seafood, vegetarian, and yoghurt dishes.

The service is friendly and you can sit in front of a long counter where you can watch the chef cooking. You can see a lot of food before they start cooking it.

As I said before, you can sit down in the restaurant or you can choose to take away your meal.

Last week, I enjoyed the vegetarian moussaka with aubergine, potatoes, courgette, carrots, onions, green and red peppers, and fresh herbs.

The only two cons I experienced are: the place was very crowded and it didn't seem very clean. But the sight and smell of the food was appetizing, tasty, and very colourful.

I would like to recommend that you go to Best Mangal! Enjoy your food choice!

Did you know?

If you want to try some typically British food, how about a delicious sandwich? A 'sarnie' is a popular short form of the word sandwich and a 'butty' is another word for a type of sandwich, like a cheese butty or a bacon butty. Now you know. Enjoy!